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Intro to Magic Mushrooms Workshop

Join Blunt Blowin’ Mama with guest speaker Mikaela de la Myco as we chat about all things magic mushrooms! This psychedelic has been in a lot of conversations lately and Shonitria has been sharing how much using shrooms helped her with treating her postpartum depression. This Workshop will inform about how to incorporate magic mushrooms into your wellness routines during pregnancy and postpartum. But it will also educate on how it can be used for overall womb wellness and as a tool to tend to your mental health. Come for a informative convo and get your questions answered, too. 

How To Talk To Kids (And Teens) About Cannabis Workshop

Join Blunt Blowin’ Mama with cannamom advocate and cannabis children’s book author Mskindness Ramirez alongside “Weed Mom” author Danielle Simone Brand for a conversation on how to talk to kids and teens about cannabis. This isn’t an easy conversation to navigate. We want to help make it easier for you.  

    What To Know About Using Cannabis During Pregnancy Workshop

    Join Blunt Blowin’ Mama and registered nurses Kait “Cannanursekait” Boettcher and Sandra “Kush Nurse” for a conversation on consuming cannabis during pregnancy! Many mamas wonder if they should or shouldn’t consume the plant while pregnant and I’m here to tell you: It’s not “if” you should consume cannabis during pregnancy but “how.” Get access to this workshop today.

    Sex & Cannabis Workshop

    Join Blunt Blowin Mama and Erica “Cannanurseheal” Bradford for a conversation on how to spice up your sex life with cannabis! This workshop is for anyone who wants tips, tricks and advice on how cannabis can help you tap into your sensual-self so that you can have the orgasms and pleasure you deserve the next time you have sex with a partner (or with yourself). 

    This workshop has been previously recorded. 

    Self-Guided Breastfeeding & Cannabis Workshop

    Enjoy a conversation between Blunt Blowin Mama, Jessica “The Mommy Jane” Gonzalez, Mskindness B. Ramirez, Dr. Oga Obie, and Evonne Smith on the ins & outs of breastfeeding while consuming cannabis from their experience! 

    Pregnancy And Cannabis Workshop

    Join Blunt Blowin’ Mama along with a panel of experts and mamas for a virtual conversation on everything mamas need to know about consuming cannabis during pregnancy! Many mamas wonder if they should or shouldn’t consume the plant while pregnant and it’s a valid concern that we hope to address with this panel. You will walk away not only informed but confident that you’re not alone. 

    This workshop was previously recorded.

    BBM Presents: The Cannamom Summit

    Join Blunt Blowin’ Mama and many special guests for informative and supportive conversations about being a mom who uses cannabis! It can be hard to find resources to support being a mom who smokes weed and that’s where Blunt Blowin’ Mama comes in. I want to make sure you get the answers about cannabis you deserve on the topics you care most about: pregnancy and breastfeeding, sexual health, mental health, and the fourth trimester. Reserve your spot for this Summit today.

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